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Changing oil in a Ford 340b

Changing oil in a Ford 340bThis tutorial will help you with changing oil in a Ford 340b, and other similar tractor models.


Changing oil in a Ford 340b

Supplies needed

  1. New Oil Filter – I’m using the Baldwin B2 oil filter, but the Donaldson P550008 seems to be popular with the refined tractor gentlemen and ladies also.
  2. Oil Drain Pan – the Ford 340b holds 7 quarts of oil, so get an oil pan that can hold it all!
  3. Motor Oil – I used Rotella 15w40 diesel oil, you can use whatever is appropriate for your operating conditions and environment.
  4. Funnel (may require funnel with extension)
  5. 1 inch socket
  6. shop towels (oil changes are messy and gross)
  7. oil absorbent granules – because oil is going to get on the floor. Every darn time! You’re going to spill something sooner or later, so just get some.

Video on the oil change procedure for the Ford 340b (for those who don’t want to read this blog post)

For those who don’t like youtube videos, the content is below!

Locate and Identify the Ford tractor’s oil filter

Determine the location of your tractor’s oil filter. On this Ford 340b, the filter is on the Left side, if you are sitting in the tractor seat.

ford 340b oil filter location

The current filter on my Ford 340b is a Donaldson P550008.donaldson p550008 oil filter

It took me forever to find a compatible filter, but after a couple hours of internet searching, I am pretty sure I found one. Time to drive to my local Tractor Supply Center (TSC) to see if they have what I need.

The CountyLine Baldwin B2 Oil Filters look to be a fit for the Ford 340b, but I’ll have to verify this when I get home.

county line baldwin b2 oil filter fits ford 340b

After a quick side by side comparison, I deem this to be a match.


ford 340b oil filters


Changing the Oil

Once you have acquired a compatible Oil Filter, like the Baldwin B2 oil filter or the Donaldson P550008 locate the oil plug. On this Ford 340b the oil plug is on the left side of the tractor. Put your oil pan directly under the oil plug.

ford 340b oil plug

With the oil pan underneath the oil plug, use your 1 inch socket to remove the oil plug. Be careful this oil plug might be really hard to turn, and you don’t want to round the bolt head of the oil plug!

ford 340b oil plug location and 1 inch socket

Once the plug has been removed, the tractor is going to be draining 7 quarts of really gross, old oil.

ford 340b draining oil

While the oil is draining, do some other handy tractor maintenance. This is when I sit on the tractor seat and make cool tractor noises, and if I’m feeling really handy, I’ll clean the terminals and battery connections with a Battery Terminal Cleaning Brush.

ford 340b Battery Terminal Cleaning

Once the oil is done draining, put the oil plug back in and tighten it.

Seriously, put the oil plug back in and tighten it. This is the time to do it.

Now remove the old oil filter. Try not not let oil run out of it onto the floor. Some oil is going to run down the tractor, and hopefully into your Oil Drain Pan. Yeah, maybe.

oil filter removed

Before installing the new filter, write the date, tractor engine hours and oil type on the new filter with a permanent marker. Also write this down in your tractor maintenance logs.

Now take some clean motor oil and smear it on the rubber gasket on the new oil filter, then install the new oil filter until it’s hand tight. Don’t be wienie, but also don’t over tighten it. I know, this is vague, but it’s got to be kinda tight, but not too tight. You have a tractor, you’ll figure it out.

new oil filter installed


Now it’s time to add the new motor oil. Locate the oil filler cap. My 340b has it on the right side of the tractor.

ford 340b oil filler cap

My Ford tractor also has a front loader on it, so this is where the funnel with extension saved me.

long funnel

The view of the long funnel from the top:

long funnel top view
Ford 340b Oil Capacity with Filter Change

  • U.S. quarts: 7
  • Imperial quarts: 5.9
  • Liters: 6.6

Use your dipstick to gauge the oil fullness, not the quarts or liters.

Oil dipstick on my tractor is on the lower right side of the tractor

ford 340b motor oil dipstick


If you can’t find the dipstick, check out the video at the top of the post. A front loader really helps to hide that sneaky dipstick!

Add the motor oil until the dipstick reads full, then start the engine and check for leaks. Then stop engine and check oil again! You’ll likely have to add more oil, as some of the oil is now in the oil filter, reducing the amount of oil in the oil pan.

Ok, you are done changing oil in a Ford 340b. You are now ready to tackle anything life throws at you.

I’ll be back with another post and video, when I do the next maintenance task.


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