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Reduce False Alarms with Driveway Alarms

Reduce False Alarms with Driveway AlarmsDriveway alarms are great, especially for rural properties, but there is nothing worse than a false alarm waking you up in the wee hours of the night. Here are a few ways to Reduce False Alarms with Driveway Alarms.

Reduce False Alarms with Driveway Alarms

It’s great to know when a vehicle pulls into your driveway. If you are expecting a delivery or company this truly simplifies things.


Many of the driveway alarms available today rely on motion detection technology. This makes total sense because any vehicles traveling down your driveway, will be in motion. A stray animal or debris and plants moving on a windy day will also trigger your driveway alarm.

driveway alarm

Chamberlain is one of the popular producers of driveway alarms.

Things you can do to reduce false alarms

  • Trim the weeds and grass in front of your driveway alarms
  • Ensure there are no bushes or trees with low hanging branches in front of the your driveway alarm.

There is no good way to reduce the number of stray animals or random wildlife from wandering in front of your driveway alarms. In some places cats, dogs, raccoons and deer will set off the driveway alarms so often, the you’ll end up just turning it off, to keep the alarm from constantly going off.

What can you do if you keep getting false alarms?

This is the perfect reason  to switch to a different technology. There are now driveway alarms that use an electromagnetic sensor. This will only detect vehicles (large metal objects), so no false alarms due to animals, children, etc.

The electromagnetic sensor driveway alarm that has proven effective for many is the Mighty Mule Wireless Driveway Alarm.

mighty mule components

The Mighty Mule Wireless Driveway Alarm is super easy-to-install. The Electromagnetic Sensor Wand is buried next to your driveway, and detects vehicles (large masses of metal) moving within a 3-12 ft. radius of the wand. might mule installed

When a vehicle passes by the sensor, an outdoor transmitter communicates wirelessly to an internal base station up to 400 ft. away, in your home, garage or workshop and sounds a clear and pleasant chime.

mighty mule driveway alarm receiver

Mighty Mule driveway alarm receiver

We haven’t had a single false alarm, after installing the Mighty Mule Wireless Driveway Alarm, and setting the sensitivity setting correctly. If you get a false positive, turn it down a bit. If you miss vehicles coming and going on your driveway, turn it up a bit. Simple and effective.

NOTE: I have no affiliation with any of these driveway alarm manufacturers, nor have I been gifted, paid or enticed to providing this information. I am a guy who lives in the country and our old motion detection based driveway alarm drove my wife and me a bit crazy, at times. I wanted to share what we figured out.

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