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SentrySafe Pistol Safe Strut Replacement

sentry pistol safe strut replacement

After a few years your SentrySafe Pistol Safe may not open like it used to. There are inexpensive gas strut replacements to fix that issue.

Sentry Pistol Safe Strut Replacement

After months, and months of internet searches, I was finally able to locate a compatible gas strut to open my Sentry Pistol Safe. This is not the same gas strut, that originally came in the SentrySafe pistol safe, but it fits, and it works great.

These gas struts come in a 2 pack , for less than $10 USD, from Amazon, so you have a spare for later on, when this issue occurs again.

The Apexstone 80N/18lb Gas Strut

  • Length (Center-to-Center): 7 inch (180 mm)
  • Compressed Length (Center-to-Center): 5.12 inch (130mm)
  • Force: 18 Lbs (Per Strut)

Replacing the Gas Strut on your Sentry Safe

You will need some simple tools:

Make sure to put something in the safe, to keep the lid from falling and locking shut, while performing this procedure.

Then you just unscrew the phillips head screw on the bottom of the strut, and use the wrench and socket to remove the connection at the top side of the strut.

Sentrysafe gas strut replacement tools

Once the strut is removed, the connections on the top and bottom of the strut can be unscrewed and moved over to the new gas strut. The new gas strut has threaded fittings, on both ends, that also unscrew.

Keep in mind, once you install this strut, your lid will not open as far as it used to, but it will still open about 85%, well enough to retrieve your belongings from inside the Sentry Safe.

If you are having issues with your Sentry Safe Pistol safe not springing open, after you unlock it, I hope this helps you resolve the issue.

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