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Infidel Body Armor Range Test

Infidel Body Armor Range TestInfidel Body Armor Range Test. This was filmed for a blog that I used to own, years ago. (Post updated 10/2019)

Infidel Body Armor Range Test

This the first time that my team collaborated on body armor testing. Since this first test, I’ve changed up most of the team members due to relocation and collaborative differences, and to be honest, a couple of these dudes just couldn’t hit the broad side of a barn consistently. This project had a very short runway, so it didn’t come out as well as it should have.

Our process has gotten much better, and we have a professional ballistics gel torso mold these days too.


Armor was provided by Infidel Body Armor (https://infidelbodyarmor.com)

Anyway, I hope you enjoy this rather uneventful review of some really great body armor.

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