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My Family’s Genealogy Mysteries

People I am looking for:

Josephus Taylor (Born: 1834, Ohio) – Can’t find any record of him after 1850. Family legend claims he died in the Civil War. I’ve found nothing to prove this. He was married to Miranda (Maranda). I’m not sure about her last name, but I am leaning towards it being Miranda Predmore (Born: 1837 in Ohio). Josephus and Miranda gave birth to Abram Taylor (Born: 1859, Viroqua, Bad Ax, Wisconsin; Died 1947 in Broadway, Union, Ohio)

  • Father: Jesse Taylor (Born: 1804 Ohio)
  • Mother: Comfort (Jarrett ?) (Born: 1804 Ohio)

L.G. Roebuck (1826 Ohio) – Parents both born in Michigan

Mary Roebuck (L.G. Roebuck’s wife) Born 1828 in Pennsylvania (lived in Ohio at time of 1880 census – had son John Roebuck born 1859 in Ohio)

Other Information I am seeking:

Abram Taylor (Born: 1859, Viroqua, Bad Ax, Wisconsin, Died 1947 in Broadway, Union, Ohio). Family Legend has it that Abram Taylor’s grandmother was a full blooded Cherokee. I am apt to believe this as my Grandmother (Betty Lou Dodds/Beck) looks very much like a Native American. Any information about this would be helpful. Family history also claims that Abram was taken by Indians for about 6 weeks at sometime in his youth.

  • Father: Josephus Taylor (Born: 1834, Ohio)
  • Mother: Miranda Predmore? (Born: 1837 in Ohio)

I am also looking for any pictures of my ancestors. Scanned copies are fine, since I’ll keep them on a Cd Rom anyway.

Any assistance would be welcome! Feel Free to contact me via the