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Chapel Green Rear Property.

Important Information

If you want me to show you around, I am not a realtor and have no stake in the rear property, but I own the front property and live here, please call 301.375.0767 and I’d be happy to setup a time to show you the rear land.

I do NOT own the rear lot, but I know the land.

There have been way to many trespassers onto private property, so this page should help keep things clear, so everyone is on the same page.

  • The Gate and driveway are NOT part of the property that is for sale.
  • The Gate and driveway are NOT access to the rear property.
  • The only access to the rear property is via the Easement, which is wild, thorny and muddy. This easement is the only way to access the rear property.
  • The fences on both sides of the easement may not extend all the way to the rear property, but do not trespass, just because I ran out of fencing.
  • The clearing in the woods is not part of the sale.
  • Stay on the EASEMENT until you get to the rear property.
  • If you purchase the rear property, the easement would be where you’d put your driveway, YOU WILL HAVE TO CLEAR THE EASEMENT of Trees and Fix the soupy muddy earth.
  • You will NOT own the easement, but you will have RIGHT of WAY to put in a drive to the rear lot.




More information from the Realtor’s Official Listing


Chapel Green Road Pkg 2023 – PDF File